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Swedish local camp

For the Swedish local camp, the participants went on a journey by rented boat to an island in Stockholm Archipelago

Estonian local camp

Estonian camp took place in Haapsalu, a resort town with a rich cultural heritage. Employees and volunteers of the Russian Museum in Tallinn became the participants of the local camp.

Image: Margarita Ogoļceva

Latvian local camp

Latvian local camp/ International Summer School “Art Mediation as Conversation” took place on August 5th-9th in Kuldīga, Latvia

Image: Ed Petroff

Finnish local camp

For the location of the Finnish camp, we chose Noormarkku Works / Ahlströmin ruukit – an amazing place that is by itself worth a visit. Adding to the history of the place, we brought our own meanings and questions there.

Image: bigartspaceofyourchoice.com

Workshop: “Critical documentation: How to look at the past and not re-produce the future” by Emmeli Person

Visiting images in their internalized immaterial form, we try to identify visual patterns in the way education is presented to carry “good” values.

Photo: Johanne Karlsrud

Talk on art mediation practices in Bergen by Daniela Ramos Arias

In her talk, Daniela presents two projects that have shaped her practice: the Education and Mediation Platform and Translating Togetherness.

Photo: Dina Grigoreva

Four-days local camps

Camp is designed as a part of the educational program. As opposed to the educational course, it is more practice-oriented.