Finnish local camp

Image: Ed Petroff

For the location of the Finnish camp, we chose Noormarkku Works / Ahlströmin ruukit – an amazing place that is by itself worth a visit. Adding to the history of the place, we brought our own meanings and questions there: what is the difference between the things that we sell and the things that are dear to us; how business can perform an educational function and how cultural, social or art mediation can be a part of it. We will dwell upon and develop these thoughts and ideas at over time. 


For now, we are happy to share that we finally met the artists Bita Razavi and David Kozma who were invited to collaborate on the joint art project by the Finnish team of mediators. Bita Razavi is a visual artist based in Finland and Estonia, and David Kozma is a director and artistic director of the European Theatre Collective. Together, they presented an idea that was elaborated based on the issues that mediators outlined at the first meeting with the artists in May 2021. The art project will be carried out in the framework of MeM in 2021-2022. Stay tuned. 


Meanwhile, we are extremely happy for this opportunity to meet, learn, and discuss ideas together in one physical space.