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Mediators' feedback

We asked our mediators whether the project helped them gain and develop skills and competences, what was important for them, and how things could have been improved. We also invited them to brainstorm opportunities for the future.

MeM final seminar in Stockholm

MeM final seminar took place in Stockholm on 11-12 of August. All project organizers from the partner organizations, as well as two art mediators from each country, gathered at Tensta Konsthall to finally meet each other in person, reflect on the experience of the past two years, and brainstorm future collaboration opportunities

Picture: Culture Connect

Participation in Connected Audience Conference

Our project participant Jelena Tšekulajeva took part in the Connected Audience conference organised by the Institute for Research on Cultural Participation and the Institute for Learning Innovation

International meeting: “Nonviolent communication”

MeM international meeting in December was devoted to the topic of Nonviolent communication (NVC)

Image: Anna Tereshkina, Untitled (from the police station series)

International meeting: "Visual Thinking Strategies"

Our big international team gathered to reconnect and spend some quality time together learning about Visual Thinking Strategies

Image: Tom Galle / giphy.com

Brainstorming session: “How would the project's visibility benefit the mediators professionally?”

The autumn season of our international meetings has begun with a brainstorming session on MeM's social media presence.

Image: bigartspaceofyourchoice.com

Workshop: “Critical documentation: How to look at the past and not re-produce the future” by Emmeli Person

Visiting images in their internalized immaterial form, we try to identify visual patterns in the way education is presented to carry “good” values.

Photo: Johanne Karlsrud

Talk on art mediation practices in Bergen by Daniela Ramos Arias

In her talk, Daniela presents two projects that have shaped her practice: the Education and Mediation Platform and Translating Togetherness.

Photo: Dina Grigoreva

Four-days local camps

Camp is designed as a part of the educational program. As opposed to the educational course, it is more practice-oriented.

Educational podcast episode with Armando Perla

The episode will explore how decolonization can be a tool for making space for the historically excluded voices.