Tag: Mediation

Image: Meeli Küttim

The Museum Laboratory

The Museum Laboratory is a new experimental exhibition of the Tallinn Russian Museum created in the framework of MeM project together with the Estonian team of art mediators.

Image: Tuija Lindström & Jonas Jussi

Workshop: “Queer+Crip” by Jemina Lindholm and Kaura Raudaskoski

Group of Finnish mediators participated in “Queer+Crip” workshop and discussion at the Finnish Museum of Photography

Image: Anna Tereshkina, Untitled (from the police station series)

International meeting: "Visual Thinking Strategies"

Our big international team gathered to reconnect and spend some quality time together learning about Visual Thinking Strategies

Photo: Johanne Karlsrud

Talk on art mediation practices in Bergen by Daniela Ramos Arias

In her talk, Daniela presents two projects that have shaped her practice: the Education and Mediation Platform and Translating Togetherness.

Workshop and discussion: "Update" by Tatiana Solovieva and Anastasia Artemeva

How sharing of the personal experience can illustrate different points of view, change mind-sets, and inspire action.

Photo: Piotr Chrobot

Feeling (a)part: how to communicate safely in art-mediation. Workshop with Nana Zhvitiashvili

The discussion focuses on forms and methods of interaction during art-mediation, which help to create a safe space for participants.

Photo: theatrecollective.com

Nonverbal communication beyond cultural differences: How can theatre widen our perspectives? with Nóri Varga and David Kozma

The aim of the workshop is to explore possibilities of communication without a common language, through creative dialogue and theatre exercises.

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Inside and outside the mediation with Aleksei Boyko

With what and how we enter the mediation; what do we leave outside and what do we gain in its space? Format, style, methodological resource, and improvisation in a mediator’s work.

Photo: Jacob Kalmens

How can we convert everyday fears... Meeting with Lera Lerner

How can we convert everyday fears, failures, and conflicts into the potential for art-mediation and other creative processes? The meeting with the artist and art-mediator Lera Lerner

Photo: timeoutdialogue.fi

Climate change and Me: workshop on Timeout dialogue method with Efe Evwaraye

Through Timeout one can generate and have constructive societal discussions. Lte's take part in a joint timeout dialogue, and be familiarized with the background and core principles of the method.