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Image: Margarita Ogoļceva

Latvian local camp

Latvian local camp/ International Summer School “Art Mediation as Conversation” took place on August 5th-9th in Kuldīga, Latvia

Lecture by the artist Anna Priedola "Food as a medium of art and communication"

In the lecture, the artist introduces her artistic practice and examples from the work of other 20th and 21st-century artists, examining the way in which making and consuming food together as well as re-examining boundaries related to food can challenge viewpoints that don’t fit our current needs, spark a discussion and change attitudes towards different environmental and social problems.

Art therapy methods in museums

Art therapy in museums is a way to improve societal health and foster social inclusion of different groups of people.

Anna Žabicka's lecture "Aging, memory and personality"

In her lecture, Anna talked about the connection and importance of memory and personality in old age, as well as what happens when the flow of memory is disturbed.

Turn to Social Change in the Arts

The 1990s saw a rather radical change in the world of art, marked by a number of "turns", which are given rather descriptive names, such as "educational" and "social".

Rasma Pīpiķe's lecture on social psychology art mediators

In the lecture, the future mediators gained an in-depth understanding of the four phenomena of social psychology that affect our human perception and the basic elements of diversity management.

Community theater methods in the work of an art mediator

The director presented his experience in working with different forms of community theater, with an emphasis on documentary theater and how to turn documentary fact (material and intangible) into a work of art.

My New Identity - Art Mediator

In her Lecture, Arita Featherstone introduced with the concepts of “professional and personal identity”, helping participants realize and strengthen their future identity - Art Mediator.

Art-mediation in museums in Latvia - curator’s view

In his lecture, Latvian curator Kaspars Vanags shared his experience, organizing exhibitions and working with art mediators in Latvia and abroad.