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Image: Meeli Küttim

The Museum Laboratory

The Museum Laboratory is a new experimental exhibition of the Tallinn Russian Museum created in the framework of MeM project together with the Estonian team of art mediators.

Image: Valmar Voolaid

The Tallinn City Museum nominated for the Estonian Museum Annual Awards

The Tallinn City Museum and their participatory project "Museum Laboratory. The Story of Estonian Russian" were nominated for the Estonian Museum Annual Awards «Museum Rats» in the category «Community Friend Award».

Image: Tuija Lindström & Jonas Jussi

Workshop: “Queer+Crip” by Jemina Lindholm and Kaura Raudaskoski

Group of Finnish mediators participated in “Queer+Crip” workshop and discussion at the Finnish Museum of Photography

Swedish local camp

For the Swedish local camp, the participants went on a journey by rented boat to an island in Stockholm Archipelago

Estonian local camp

Estonian camp took place in Haapsalu, a resort town with a rich cultural heritage. Employees and volunteers of the Russian Museum in Tallinn became the participants of the local camp.

Image: Margarita Ogoļceva

Latvian local camp

Latvian local camp/ International Summer School “Art Mediation as Conversation” took place on August 5th-9th in Kuldīga, Latvia

Image: Ed Petroff

Finnish local camp

For the location of the Finnish camp, we chose Noormarkku Works / Ahlströmin ruukit – an amazing place that is by itself worth a visit. Adding to the history of the place, we brought our own meanings and questions there.

Lecture by the artist Anna Priedola "Food as a medium of art and communication"

In the lecture, the artist introduces her artistic practice and examples from the work of other 20th and 21st-century artists, examining the way in which making and consuming food together as well as re-examining boundaries related to food can challenge viewpoints that don’t fit our current needs, spark a discussion and change attitudes towards different environmental and social problems.

Photo: kumu.ekm.ee

Workshop: Mediation methods at Kumu Art Museum

The workshop focuses on learning the mediation methods used at Kumu Art Museum.

Expert meeting: Marie-Louise Richards

Marie-Louise Richards is an architect (M.Arch), teacher and researcher. She teaches the independent course Decolonizing Architecture in the field of architecture and critical studies.