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Mediating Minorities
of Change
Picture: Jan Andrzej Sobel

Telegram as platform for online mediation

Can art mediation take place in social media, or even in the messaging app like Telegram? Our art mediator Iva Matyas proved it possible!

Picture: Ed Petroff

Project participants share impressions from mediation session

On the 1st of June, project participants from the Finnish team hold a mediation session at Chaika – a meeting place for Russian-speaking people of the “elegant” age in Helsinki

Political Classroom

The art project in Tensta Konsthall, enabled by MeM, is reaching its final steps

Picture: Culture Connect

Participation in Connected Audience Conference

Our project participant Jelena Tšekulajeva took part in the Connected Audience conference organised by the Institute for Research on Cultural Participation and the Institute for Learning Innovation

Picture: Sanni Saarinen

Kytköksissä is open online

Kytköksissä/Connected- exhibition is now open online

“Diary Diaries” on show in Riga

From April 8 to June 5, the Pauls Stradiņš Medicine History Museum will host the “Dairy Diaries” exhibition by the new media artist Anna Priedola. The exhibition focuses on dementia and the experience of people with dementia and their relatives