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Swedish local camp

For the Swedish local camp, the participants went on a journey by rented boat to an island in Stockholm Archipelago

Expert meeting: Marie-Louise Richards

Marie-Louise Richards is an architect (M.Arch), teacher and researcher. She teaches the independent course Decolonizing Architecture in the field of architecture and critical studies.

Lecture with Didem Yıldırım Boström

Didem Yıldırım Boström is a researcher and exhibition producer from Ankara, Turkey. Didem’s current artistic research focuses on the heritage, memory, and ruins of the medieval Armenian city of Ani located in Eastern Turkey, which has recently become a UNESCO World Heritage site.

Lecture with Fahyma Alnablsi

Fahyma Alnablsi works as a mediator at Tensta konsthall and is currently the one who has worked the longest at the art gallery. Fahyma presents and talks about the various mediation projects she has worked on over the years.

Lecture with Ikram Abdulkadir

Ikram Abdulkadir, born in 1995 in Nairobi, is a photographer and poet. The lecture is about Ikram's art as a person of color from a working-class background and how she navigates in it. It will also be about so-called DIY photography and using platforms such as Instagram to reach out with your art.

Artist meeting: Nasim Aghili

Nasim Aghili is a Swedish-Iranian artist, director, writer, and performer who works in the field of performing and fine arts, participatory performances, theatre installations, and art in the public space.

Expert meeting: Isabella Tjäder and Alva Mårsen

Isabella Tjäder, curator of learning at Index, and Alva Mårsén, board member of Index Teen Advisory Board (ITAB), discuss how ITAB uses listening, dialogue, and play to critically examine, discuss and reformulate the norms of the art world.

Expert meeting: Ulrika Flink and Erik Annerborn

What curatorial strategies can a curator work with to create projects that reconsider the structures of society, and not least ourselves? As artistic director at Konsthall C, Ulrika Flink talks about past and current art projects and their connection to mediation.