Daria Agapova

Cultura Foundation, Finland

Educational programme curator, International and Local programme / Finland

Irina Spazheva

Cultura Foundation, Finland

Project manager

George Chamoun

Tensta Konsthall, Sweden

Educational programme curator / Sweden

Cecilia Widenheim

Tensta Konsthall, Sweden

Adviser / Sweden

Māra Žeikare

Latvian Centre for Contemporary Art

Educational programme curator / Latvia

Lelde Pruse

DOTS Foundation for an Open Soviety, Latvia

Art Producer, Local programme / Latvia

Jelena Tšekulajeva

Tallinn City Museum, Estonia

Educational programme curator / Estonia

Irina Kuznecova

DOTS Foundation for an Open Society, Latvia

Communication manager / Latvia

Dina Grigoreva

Cultura Foundation, Finland

Jaana Denisova

Cultura Foundation, Finland

Communication coordinator

Alina Jašina-Schäfer

BKGE, Germany

External Evaluator, Researcher

Sadjad Shokoohi


External Evaluator, Researcher

Agents of change / Finland

Maria Mikhaylova

RU / EN / SW

Curate, mediate, relate. And let’s have some fun along the way!

Minna Malankin

FI / RU / EN / DE / SW

Never be afraid of living.

Jana Dubovskaja

RU / EN / FI

I am an art educator living and working in Finland for already 11 years. I find myself interested in education, cultural projects, international cooperation, and open dialogue.

Olesia Khusnimardanova

EN / RU / FI

Art producer, digital creator & curious mind. Scouting and working with young artists in Helsinki.

Nadezhda Gretskaya

EN / RU / FI / SW

I’m fond of art and culture. The ideas of diversity, inclusion are close to me. Four languages are spoken in my family and several cultures coexist. I like to inspire and motivate people. And I’m sure that the shortest way to do this is through art, communication, and art mediation.

Mariia Sennikova


Artist & art mediator. I have various sets of skills from cultural management to web development and anything artistic in between. Constantly searching for new challenges and interesting cultural projects!

Evita (Iva) Matiyas

RU / EN / FI

Performance artist & cultural producer/manager. My key interests are contemporary art, participatory art, documentary theatre, art mediation, DIY culture, animal & human rights.

Aleksandra Pastukhova

RU / EN / FI

A woman of the world 🙂

Eduard Petrov

RU / FI / EN / SW

Photographer and videographer, based in Espoo, Finland

Agents of change / Sweden

Nada Ali

AR / EN / SW

I’m a Syrian artist, resident in Stockholm. I have a master’s degree in fine arts from the Royal Institute of Art in Stockholm, and a diploma from the Faculty of Fine art in Damascus.

Tatiana Bodnar


I am an American studying my masters in Sustainable Urban Planning in Stockholm. I’m currently writing my thesis about the co-creation of public space using play, the arts, and digital tools. Art mediation to me is bringing everyone to the table (or maybe demolishing the table and reconstructing a more accessible one). To more playful, inclusive and social cities!

Caisha Muse

Asha Mohamed


I live in Sweden but I am from Somalia. I came to Sweden 2013. I work as assistant in Tensta art gallery. It is a great place and I enjoy working here. I am interested in art and working with different social groups and communities.

Senait Tesfai

Tigrinja / SW / EN

Project manager with a background in communication, primarily within the cultural sector. As a part of a collective she started the cultural organization Podium and is now working as a coordinator for cultural-driven development for young people in Stockholm. She is also engaged in making a more equal and diverse music industry and club scene through her work with Upfront Producer Network and Cherish Label while being a part of the CinemAfrica Film Festival program group as well as being a board member for Konsthall C.

Agents of change / Latvia

Olga Ipatova-Ignatjeva

EN / FR / RU / LV

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Anywhere in the life I find proofs to this motto. As well I’m sure that the field of people’s interactions is the most fruitful and limitless source of inspirations. So I’m humanist to the bone!

Liba Berzina

EN / LV / RU

I call myself an art ambassador because I work in different fields of art. I like to research art from different backgrounds and environments. I am an artist, art therapist, educator, and graphic designer. Since 2014 my mission is to be with art and people.

Antoņina Zēberga

Psychologist and existential therapist from Ventspils, have dedicated her life to children who have been victims of violence.

Raimonds Lazda

Psychologist and creator of unique initiative in Latvia – School for Seniors / Third Generation academy.

Brigita Stroda

Inspirational artist, great visual storyteller, and translator. Loves to make crowns and food. Born in Australia, have studied scenography.

Tatjana Bicjutko

Tatjana works at the University of Latvia. Her knowledge of languages and interest in culture and art help her both in her work with students and as a guide.

Lilita Lauskiniece

Theatre director and cultural activist from Rundāle. Lilita has been working with people with severe mental disabilities for 10 years, has volunteered at several international camps for people with special needs, as well as helping Rundāle Social Center.

Gunta Plūksne

Social pedagogue from Riga, has studied philosophy, works with children.

Aija Kaula

LCCA art mediator since 2017. Aija Kaula is a doctor of chemistry who has been working in the banking sector since the 1990s. Aija is particularly fond of contemporary art, which has become a serious hobby for her. She calls herself an autodidact in this field.

Ilze Glavāne

Ilze is from LCCA current art mediators group. She is an artist – she works as a leather art master. She enjoys the taste of life. As she puts it – the main thing is for life to be juicy and not mealy – like a Latvian heirloom apple.

Karina Bočkis

Karina is from LCCA current art mediators group. She loves contemporary art and music and now is retired. Have worked in the finance and IT field and human resource management.

Rita Rūme Rigerte

Rita is from LCCA current art mediators group. Rita really likes people and has a special talent for talking to people of any age with great pleasure, but without imposing herself on them.

Vita Blate

Vita is from LCCA current art mediators group, lives in Cēsis, and works as a guide in Cēsis Castle. She is an inspiration to others!

Māris Palameiks

Māris works as a teacher, loves people and in this progrogram he is very interested to learn conversation as art.

Antra Derkevica

Antra has studied philology, 7 years have lived in Germany, and cared for seniors with dementia. Loves art, exhibitions, and people.

Pēteris Sīlis

Pēteris is a student from the Liepāja New Media course.

Agents of change / Estonia

Damir Nuriev


Secondary school tutor, student of the University of Tartu, Estonian Human Rights Centre activist. My interests include such topics as inclusive education, bullying prevention, and management of inclusive environment in cultural institutions.

Evi Pärn


Multimedia artist from Tallinn who deals with the challenges of linguistic communication, which originate from the power relations of social structures. I am interested in the influence of mass media and one’s responsibility when communicating with the public. I have curated exhibitions, collaborated with theaters in both stage and costume design. I has also been a member of the art group MIMproject since 2015 and eˉlektron since 2019.