Talk on art mediation practices in Bergen by Daniela Ramos Arias

In her talk, Daniela will present two projects that have shaped her practice:   

The Education and Mediation Platform for Bergen Assembly 2019 was thought as a strategy to connect with the local audiences and open alternative entry points to the exhibition, understanding the triennial as a place for exchange, offering the opportunity to share experiences and knowledge. With the use of tools such as walking, asking questions, food and making things together, we remained open to the unexpected and viewed each exchange as a new opportunity to learn together. 

Translating Togetherness is a mediation program at Hordaland Kunstсenter during 2020-2021, which consists of a series of gestures, encounters, workshops, and conversations that explore existing methodologies in art mediation developed in Latin America that respond to the questions: How do we create a community in times of social distance? How do we create opportunities to meet, talk, and experience together? These methodologies are translated” and adapted to the Norwegian context by artists living and working in the region from a cross-cultural background as a way of including different life perspectives into the way we work and learn from each other. The program has been an initiative to create a stronger connection between the institution where it is situated and its local surroundings as well as a way of integrating mediation into the identity of an arts institution. 


Daniela Ramos Arias

Daniela Ramos Arias (b.1980, Costa Rica) is a curator and organizer living in Bergen, Norway. She has an MA in visual arts from Kunst og Designhøgskolen i Bergen and MA Curatorial Practice from the University of Bergen. Daniela is part of the curatorial team at Hordaland Kunstsenter and co-director of the interdisciplinary space KIOSKEN, a platform dedicated to mediation, dissemination, and representation of the work of the local artists and designers in Bergen. Daniela is currently a member of the board at Bergen Kunsthall and was Head of the Education and Mediation platform at the 2019 edition of the Bergen Assembly. She has an active freelance practice collaborating with different institutions and arts organisations both nationally and internationally, such as Nasjonalmuseet in Oslo, Norsk Billedhoggersforening, Vaksdal Kommune, Tenthaus Oslo, Fundación TEOR/éTica, U-Jazdowski.

This event is a part of the camp program.