Workshop: “Critical documentation: How to look at the past and not re-produce the future” by Emmeli Person


Looking at the visual tropes of learning practices within major art insitutions, this workshop takes the form of an audiowork all about images. Visiting images in their internalized immaterial form we try to identify visual patterns in the way education is presented to carry “good” values. Alternating between the expected image and memory of an experienc, we ask what role the western notion of linear time and predictability play in the re-production of happy kids, smart teenagers and environmentally friendly adults that keep popping up on our mental screen as we scroll Is it possible to from counter-narratives, alternatives for a critical documentation practice that proves its existance but refuses to co-opt the story? Click, enter, proceed. 

Emmeli Person

Emmeli Person is an artist working within the framework of curatorial and critical learning practices. As an artist, her work extends itself within the expanded fields of storytelling, sculpture, and time-based media, embracing a critical and humoristic approach to the objects we sometimes call art. Her research and practice organize themselves in playful and speculative ways as they look at how we collectively can challenge and re-tell the narratives that condition our material and emotional realities. Recent projects look into the potential of re-telling local heritage stories through intimate collaborations with plants. The artist is based in Stockholm. She is a Curator of Learning at Index Foundation where she leads “Going to an exhibition in character”-workshops, Parrot School, and Index Teen Advisory Board. Emmeli is also a Curator for Film i Samtidskonsten. Emmeli works extensively with artistic and educational platforms and is a returning lecturer at Ölands Konstskola, as well as a visiting lecturer at Stockholm University, Konstfack University for Arts and Craft, Royal Institute of Art, and Tensta konsthall among others. Emmeli is participating in a Critical Theory and Art Praxes program (2020-2022) at the Dutch Art Institute.

This event is a part of the camp program.