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Photo: Johanne Karlsrud

Talk on art mediation practices in Bergen by Daniela Ramos Arias

In her talk, Daniela presents two projects that have shaped her practice: the Education and Mediation Platform and Translating Togetherness.

Educational podcast episode with Armando Perla

The episode will explore how decolonization can be a tool for making space for the historically excluded voices.

Educational podcast episode with Csilla Ariese

The episode focuses on the challenges of decolonizing museums.

Educational podcast episode with Darla Deardorff

The episode focuses on a very successful intercultural methodology called Story Circles. Story Circles help participants develop and practice key intercultural competencies.

Educational podcast episode with Martina Marti

The episode focuses on what do diversity, equality, and inclusion mean, and how can we integrate them into our everyday thinking and doing?

Educational podcast episode with Ieva Niedre

With concrete examples, Ieva Niedre tells how collective exploration of social or political issues and people’s needs results in an applied theatre performance.

Educational podcast episode with François Matarasso

The talk looks at what the right ‘to participate in the cultural life of the community’ (Universal Declaration of Human Rights, Article 27) means in practice and suggests how the capability approach can be a route to empowerment and social change.

Educational podcast episode with Kaija Kaitavuori

The episode looks at the professional layer between the production and the reception or consumption of art.

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Educational podcast episode with Yana Klichuk

The talk focuses on the political and ethical positions of mediators in cultural institutions and projects.