Kytköksissä is open online

Picture: Sanni Saarinen

Kytköksissä/Connected is now open online at!


Kytköksissä / Connected is a collaboration between the artist Sanni Saarinen and Finnish team of art mediators. The series of photographs tell the stories of Russian-speaking people living in Finland. They share their thoughts about the notion of home, identity, and their experiences of living in a spectrum of cultures.


The exhibition was scheduled to be opened in Töölönlähti Park on March 9, 2022, but the outbreak of war in Ukraine placed the project in a completely different context. The organizers decided to transfer the exhibition to a later date to an online format, while preserving its dialogue dimension.


Apart from the exhibition, Sanni Saarinen’s interview conducted by the team of mediators can be found on the exhibition website. In the interview, Sanni reflects on her experience with Kytköksissä/Connected – project, her collaboration with mediators, as well as her artistic practice and broader topics, such as societal polarization, multiculturalism, and diversity.


Daria Krivonos, a sociologist who studies Russian-speaking migration to Finland, also prepared a text for the exhibition.


Now, the mediators are getting ready for a series of mediation that will take place both offline and online. More information about the upcoming mediation series will soon be available here.

Sanni Saarinen

Sanni Saarinen is a documentary photographer, visual artist, cultural anthropolgist, and writer based in Espoo, Finland. Sanni is interested in questions of identity, community, belonging, and passing of time. She works with societal projects and with more personal projects using auto-fictional elements.