Rasma Pīpiķe’s lecture on social psychology for art mediators

In this lecture, emerging mediators obtained in-depth understanding about four phenomena of social psychology affecting the way we perceive human beings, as well as the basic elements of diversity management. Through practical tasks, mediators were given the chance both to discover their personal level of tolerance and put themselves in the shoes of someone who must make a choice based on their stereotypes.

Rasma Pīpiķe

Self-employed expert in knowledge transfer, the founder of the RA.DU initiative. Holds an MBA from the Rīga Technical University and a bachelor’s degree in social sciences. An expert on personal motivation, organizational development with experience in practical lobbying and organizing processes of social engagement. During the past few years she has paid special attention to actualizing the concept of diversity management in Latvian organizations and companies. She’s part of two significant projects – www.dazadiba.lv and www.skatupunkti.lv

This event is a part of the project educational course. Learn more about the course here.