Turn to Social Change in the Arts

The 1990s saw a rather radical change in the world of art, marked by a number of “turns”, which are given rather descriptive names, such as “educational” and “social”. Political activism, institutional criticism and the growth of civil society activity play a catalytic role in this change, calling for the common boundaries of experience to be transcended and for artistic methods and tasks to be re-evaluated. During the lesson, we looked back at the beginnings of this process, as well as its areas of influence in the world and in Latvia today.

Solvita Krese

Director of the Latvian Center for Contemporary Art

Solvita Krese lives in Riga and is a curator and director of Latvian Centre for Contemporary Art (LCCA) since 2000. She has been curator and co-curator of number of large scale international exhibitions, most recent ones are research and exhibition project Portable Landscapes (co-curated with Inga Lāce and Solvita Krese) tracing and contextualizing Latvian artists’ emigration and exile stories troughout 20th century which resulted in exhibitions at Villa Vassilieff, Paris , Latvian National Art Museum, (2018), and James Gallery at CUNY (2019) (co-curated with Inga Lāce and Andra Silapetere); “Unexpected Encounters” at Den Frie Art Center, Copenhagen and Latvian National Art museum (2019, co-curated with Inga Lāce and Andra Silapetere); ”Identity. Behind the curtain of uncertainty”, National Gallery of Ukraine, Kiev (2016) ; “re:visited”, Riga Art Space (2014); “Telling tales”, National Gallery of Art , Vilnius, Lithuania; Kumu Art Museum, Tallinn; Centre for Contemporary Art, CentrePasquArt , Biel (2014); “Alternativa”, WYSPA, Gdansk (2013) etc. She was commissioner of Latvian Pavilion in 56th and 58th Venice biennale (2015 and 2019). In 2009 she initiated the annual Contemporary Art Festival “Survival kit” which she has been curating and co-curating since then.

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