Anna Žabicka’s lecture “Aging, memory and personality”

“During the seven-plus months I lived at a small countryside retirement home, I talked with the people living there, mostly seniors, a lot. To be exact, for the most part I listened as they told me about their lives: their childhood and youth, often spent in Siberia, about their work, education, love and the way their “life had turned out”. What can we learn from these stories about aging and the meaning of being human? Based on what I heard and on the work of other authors, I held a lecture on the link between memory and personality and its meaning in old age, as well as that which happens when the flow of memory is interrupted”

Anna Žabicka

Social anthropologist whose research focuses on the anthropology of health, medicine, death, aging, care, and kinship. Anna is currently a doctoral student at the Universität Wien. She holds a master’s degree in anthropology from the Rīga Stradiņš University and from the Wayne State University in the US. Anna is researching the interaction between aging and care in the Latvian countryside, addressing aging both as an individual experience and a federal matter, as well as caregiving as a (trans)formative practice, which is both a sustaining and dividing practice that’s becoming a part of a wider social reproduction in the Latvian countryside.

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