Expert meeting: Marie-Louise Richards

Marie-Louise Richards is an architect (M.Arch), teacher and researcher. She teaches the independent course Decolonizing Architecture in the field of architecture and critical studies. Her practice examines invisibility as embodiment, a critical strategy and a spatial category through methods of architectural and artistic practice, curatorial practice and writing. She is part of the collective artistic research project Spaces of Care, Disobedience and Desire: Tactics of Minority Space-Making with Natália Rebelo and Rado Ištok.

Representation in selection: Banana-Split: a (Black) Power Walk, short film, part of Power Walk (Air) Mossutställningar / Statens konstråd (2020) Out of Line: Erasure and vulnerability as sites of subversion in, Archifutures: ”Agency” Vol. 6 (2020), Hyper-visible Invisibility: Tracing the Politics, Poetics and Affects of the Unseen, in Field Journal: Becoming a Feminist Architect, Vol. 7 (2017).

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