Darla Deardorff. Developing Intercultural Competences through Story Circles

Learn more about a very successful intercultural methodology called Story Circles. Story Circles help participants develop and practice key intercultural competencies. Piloted by UNESCO around the world, Story Circles can be used virtually and in person to help bridge divides, develop deeper connections, and build community as we explore our shared humanity together.

Darla Deardorff

Darla Deardorff is an author of 9 books and over 60 articles and book chapters on intercultural competence, international education, internationalization, and global leadership. Darla has faculty appointments at numerous institutions around the world and is regularly invited to speak and consult. She is also a founder of the World Council on Intercultural and Global Competence and advisor to the United Nations, Council of Europe, and OECD, among other international organizations.

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