“When I was accepted to the art mediators group, I realised that art mediation is a perfect intersection of all my preoccupations.” Olga is a creative multitasker with a skill set. She’s been a professional translator for many years translating texts from English, French and Latvian to her native Russian. “I love translating and even more – translating fiction.”


Her second passion is design – from accessories to interior design. She stresses that “at one moment in your life, you should cease choosing and start embracing your multiple skills. When you choose, you exclude a part of your personality.”


Olga is convinced that art mediators should not become tour guides but rather intermediaries or mediums between an artwork and audience. “It is like a mediation between two loosely touching worlds.”


She’s longing for in-person meetings with project participants from other countries and exchange visits. “It’d be awesome if art mediators from Sweden could visit Latvia and work at our exhibition.”


Our project, especially its educational part, has had a very transformative impact on Olga. “It has been built on the notion of humanity and has certainly broadened my horizon.” Many things have resonated with her – from valuing different viewpoints to how people with disabilities experience reality.


She highly recommends that everyone learn more about the Story Circles – a conversation facilitation method that helps participants develop and practice vital intercultural competencies.




▶ Darla Deardorff. Developing Intercultural Competences through Story Circles