“Curate, mediate, relate! And let’s have some fun along the way!”


Maria has extensive knowledge and expertise in the field of art history and curating. Her superpower is making people curious about what they see and about art in general.


As an art professional and mediator, her goal is not to convey her message and overpower the audience but to help people find their interest in what they see and enjoy their experience from the encounters with art.


Having many interests and juggling her busy schedule, Maria wishes she could have time for so much more, but at the same time, she tries not to worry about her productivity.


She has already mastered it and would like to share with others that trusting your intuition is the key. Also, one should not be afraid of starting from scratch: “Sometimes a new start, however scary, is way better than being stuck with something that no longer works for you, even though it could feel familiar and comfortable.”


Participation in our project has affected Maria’s vision of the future of the museum and exhibition field. She has reconsidered her approach to work processes.


She is already applying the new skills in her current work – Maria is curating an art exhibition in Tampere that will be open in February 2022. “The important thing to remember is that art projects are not created in a vacuum. They are for people. Ultimately, what matters is how the audience reacts.”


Maria’s recommendations:


▶️ Maria Lind “Why mediate art?” to get a better understanding of the concept of art mediation and why we need it in the first place;


▶️ Nina Simon “Participatory museum” to be aware of the recent trends and changes in the field;


▶️ Movie “The Square” directed by Ruben Östlund  to look at the art world in a satirical way and spot the references made to the field of contemporary art.