Iva is studying to be a cultural producer at HUMAK University of Applied Sciences. Due to her studies, she has a good knowledge of different cultural venues in Finland and knows how to make events and projects happen. “I have substantial experience in the field of theatre and performative practices. I like to play different games and try on different roles, among others, in society.”


She wants to find out how a person working in the field of arts and culture can become a Shiva with multiple arms, that is, how can one be an artist, a coordinator, and a producer at the same time.


Iva thinks of herself more as an artist who works with the ready material. That is why it is important for her to understand how to combine creative and organizational aspects of work. She believes that this way, one could achieve much more and let artistic abilities reveal themselves more strongly.


Iva notes that in the course of our project, she has changed her views on who can be an artist. “Before I thought that only professionals can do art, only they have a right to do it. Now I see that it is not always the case, and I want to share this with others – do not be afraid to say that you can do something and you like something. You have a right to do whatever you like, regardless of education or institutional affiliation.”


According to Iva, another change that occurred due to participation in MeM is shifting the focus from the privileged Western culture to the minorities and marginalized artistic groups and projects.


Moreover, she realized that her vision and projects are from a minority’s point of view and on its side, not the majority’s. “I have not thought that I am a part of the minority. This is amazing. Sometimes you don’t realize that your way of life is not a norm for everyone.”


“My recommendation is to check out the works of the Rimini Protokoll theatre collective. They have not spoken of their works in a context of art mediation, but to me, they are very mediative.”