MeMes – thoughts of MeM project participants about the future

MeMes are the voices of the participants of the Agents of Change: Mediating Minorities project (MeM). How do we imagine the future? What changes do we strive to become agents of, what changes to make inevitable? And how does our project contribute to this?

Each of us, one way or another, participates in building of personal, local and global future. In MeM, the project partners from several countries collectively seek and explore tools and instruments of influence. Minorities have experience and knowledge that is different from that of the majority, and the well-being of our common future depends on whether society is able to use this diversity as a resource.

We want to show how to create such situations when knowledge is not transmitted from top to bottom, but is created in the process of equal interaction here and now. As a model, we use the art mediation approach, which suggests building a dialogue on equal terms and treating each of its participants as an expert in their own life, experience and cultures.

Author of illustrations: Dasha Surma

Text: MeM project participants based in Finland

The full comic series is available on the Culturafest Instagram account in Finnish and Russian languages.