MeM Impact Evaluation

MeM Impact Evaluation by MA, MEd, independent researcher Sadjad Shokoohi


The evaluation of the project has started from the very beginning as an integral part of all the project activities. The evaluators team participated in all the project partner meetings, as well as in all the international and part of the local educational and networking events and provided the partners with ongoing feedback. 


In order to provide the project organizers with formative and summative evaluations regarding the impacts of the project, qualitative and quantitative data were collected and analysed. This was accomplished through continuous collection and analysis of data; however, three main phases of the study were baseline, medium and final phases. This final report builds on the baseline, mid-term and final data and presents evaluation findings on the achievements of the project in regards to its impacts. Hence, the report provides answers to the following main questions: To what extent has MeM achieved its intended impacts?  and What unintended impacts (positive and/or negative) has MeM produced? 


The report is produced to be disseminated to the project partner institutions and relevant organizations. 

Contact information:  Sadjad Shokoohi,