Jelena has a profound experience in communications with different audiences. In her work as a tour guide at the Russian Museum in Tallinn, people always come first.


“I always think what is interesting for them, what is their experience, what would they like to know? I reflect on their needs and wishes and deliver a tailor-made experience”.


This approach allows Jelena to better involve the audience in cultural life. She does her best to unite people, focusing on what we all have in common.


Jelena would love to develop her skills in mediation and discover practical tools to facilitate the dialogue, engage people, and help them through art. She would also like to stress the importance of honest and open dialogue. “Speaking about the Estonian and Russian speaking communities here, it is amazing how well the dialogue works as a tool to build a bridge between people, avoid polarization”.


Participation in our project has helped Jelena become even more accepting of different points of view and broaden her horizons and social circle. It has also helped to eliminate some of the existing barriers and prejudices.


In the project, Jelena has re-discovered contemporary art and started to look at it differently. “Now I see contemporary art in a whole new light. It is such a powerful tool to engage people, bring out the pressing matters, and help people heal”.


Jelena’s recommendations:


▶️ Online tour of the exhibition «Cut out of Life» by Flo Caserau dealing with domestic violence against women;

▶️ Workshop by Triin Siiner on Sociometry (in Estonian).