Triin Siiner. Sociometry and understanding cultural difference

Sociometry is a set of methods created by J. L. Moreno (1934) to study the interpersonal connections of individuals and groups of all sizes. Sociometry provides opportunities for the improved interpersonal and group dynamics by making existing dynamics manifest to the people involved in the group. Through action methods in the context of live groups, it provides qualitative and quantitative opportunities for improving interpersonal dynamics by making latent dynamics manifest to the people involved. Sociometry is used to understand the relationships in an individual s life, or the relationships among individuals and groups of all sizes, extending even to international and global relationship.

The aim of the training is to introduce the possibilities of using the method in increasing the cohesiveness of groups.

Triin Siiner

Triin Siiner has studied the andragogy and sociometry, she has also worked as museum educator and been the head of the museums.

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