Martina Marti. How Diversity, Equality, and Inclusion Relate to Art

What do diversity, equality, and inclusion mean, and how can we integrate them into our everyday thinking and doing? How do these issues relate to art? Do we need them in the context of art, or do they clash with the idea of art as independent and universal? How do they relate to artistic freedom? The session aims at giving listeners a foundation on which they can build their understanding of the terms within the specificities of their work.

Martina Marti

Martina Marisa Marti is a theatre maker, diversity expert, and translator based in Helsinki. Originally from Switzerland, she studied Drama and Theatre Studies in Canterbury and Paris and did an MBA with a focus on Arts Management. She worked as a festival programmer in Germany and later as an international project manager in the field of cultural mobility. Having moved to Finland in 2006, Martina worked as a theatre director and creator of devised performances, as well as a producer and curator. She is one of the co-founders of the production venue Mad House Helsinki. Since 2017 she also works as a trainer in diversity and inclusion in the arts and culture sector.

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