International meeting: “Nonviolent communication”

How can we communicate more effectively?


MeM international meeting in December was devoted to the topic of Nonviolent communication (NVC). NVC focuses on how to be empathetic and listen nonjudgmentally. Nonviolent communication techniques help identify the unmet needs underlying people’s thinking, language, and behavior.


The NVC session was facilitated by Arlene Tucker, artist and diversity educator based in Helsinki. She explained the concept of the NVC and elaborated on its main parts and components.


Together, the participants discussed how words and actions can be violent. In the smaller groups or pairs, they practiced identifying their needs and made sure they understood the needs of others.

Arlene Tucker

Arlene Tucker is an artist and educator, and her work focuses on adding play elements and awareness to daily life through her art and interactions. Her artistic work is often process-based and it creates spaces and situations for exchange, dialogue, and transformations to occur and surprise all players. She is interested in creating projects that open up ideas and that engage the viewer; that invite the viewer to be a part of the narrative or art creation process.