Ieva Niedre. Applied Theater as a Mediator in Community Work

As a culture production platform, Foundation INITIUM works with applied theatre and combines different contemporary methods and tools: verbatim, sight-specific theatre, immersive theatre, contemporary dance, etc. With partners from Lithuania and Estonia, INITIUM organizes workshops for professional artists and facilitators who connect artistic teams and communities. With concrete examples, Ieva Niedre tells how collective exploration of social or political issues and people’s needs results in an applied theatre performance.

Ieva Niedre

Ieva Niedre is а creative producer working in different cultural fields regionally, locally, and on the EU scale. She is a chairwoman of the Board of Foundation INITIUM. She has been producing applied theatre projects and introducing Latvian society to applied theatre methodology through the workshops and civic engagement work. She is a creative producer in the Baltic Applied Theatre school and a production manager for many participatory projects.

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