Brainstorming session: “How would the project’s visibility benefit the mediators professionally?”

Image: Tom Galle /

The autumn season of our international meetings has begun with a brainstorming session on MeM’s social media presence. We started by discussing how we can increase MeM’s visibility. However, just as in any other brainstorm, other questions started popping up.  How would the project’s visibility benefit the mediators professionally?  Can we consider social media channels as a good space for mediation?  What do we want to tell and to whom?


We discussed topics that are important to be given a thought – how can art change one’s life or be present in one’s life?  Is everyone actually a minority?  How to implement art mediation by dialogue?  What language should we use?


We also brainstormed the formats that could be useful in telling about the process: texts, podcasts, comics. We did not forget about the audience: is it those who already know about the art mediation, those for whom it does not ring a bell, or maybe it is us?


We are searching for the answers to these questions and share the process and results on our Mediation block.
We also talk about the flow of the project on MeM project Facebook page. Follow us!