Armando Perla. Making Space for Historically Excluded Voices

The arrival of the COVID-19 pandemic not only forced us to rethink our daily lives and the way we work, but also the way the cultural sector maintains and perpetuates inequality and oppression. This has exposed the shocking impoverishment existing in all the sectors of our societies. The current crises facing the world today are a clear indication that working towards decolonization is needed now more than ever. However, decolonisation should only be considered as a means to an end and not the goal itself. This presentation will explore how decolonization can be a tool for making space for those historically excluded voices.

Armando Perla

Armando Perla is an independent curator, activist, and consultant. He is a board member of ICOM’s International Committee of Ethical Dilemmas. Armando has been an International Advisory on Museums, Human Rights, and Social Inclusion for the City of Medellin, Colombia. Additionally, he is a part of the founding team of the Canadian Museum for Human Rights and the Swedish Museum of Migration and Democracy. He collaborates with museums, cultural institutions, and communities on the issues of social justice, human rights, and inclusion in Canada and abroad.

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